Thursday, 11 May 2017

Majuro Photos

Things can be so relative.  Majuro seemed so nice after Tarawa but now seems too busy and crowded after our two months in the outer atolls.  Still, it is a good place to work on boat projects, catch up on administration (tax time !) and reprovision (plus a bit of playing too)

Majuro is a busy commercial harbour as you can see in this photo from the cockpit - mostly tuna boats and cargo ships taking the fish to other ports.  For the Sea King guys reading the blog, check out the yellow help on the bridge top.

Majuro was a time to catch up on boat jobs - Lunasea was nice enough to replace our "out of warranty" trilight that lives at the top of the mast with a new and improved design at no cost.  I wish others in the marine industry were so responsive.

Speaking of masts, here is the view from the mast while I was doing the usual pre-passage inspection and replacing the trilight,   The little ketch beside us is SV Adele singlehanded by Moon from Korea.  He was going direct from Hawaii to Korea but had some boat issues and diverted to Majuro.  Unfortunately without an autopilot and a lack of charts we fell asleep and went up a reef.  Super nice guy and have enjoyed having him over to Fluenta for dinner (Benjamin likes him because he brings gifts !)

Hmm ... 10.5 volts ?

Replacing the windlass battery bank was not on the "to do" list but the batteries are not holding a charge so needed to be replaced.  Of course, you cannot get the same size batteries we originally had so adapting was required.

And time of course for some school ...  Very cheery about that too it appears.

Time for a trip to the barber.  Johnathan and I got our hair cut.

and time for cakes too.  One for one of our new friends in the cruiser community here.

Pool has not been a large part of the kids education - like not at all - so Tamanui, Johnathan and Benjamin work on their pool skills.

Tamanui, Johnathan and Benjamin playing in Fluenta's saloon.

Hmm ... this does not look right either ...  something else for the "to do" list.

We also had the chance to meet the "sea gypsies" of Infinity.  A truly different model for going to sea.  We were hosted on board a few times and enjoyed getting to know the family that owns and runs the ship. (This is a photo from Infinity's site and not taken here in the Marshall Islands as I neglected to take a  picture of the ship)

One of the Infinity crew took this picture of, what a surprise, Johnathan climbing the rigging on Infinity

and of Victoria rightside up on the boom of Infinity

The Easter Bunny found us !

Looking for eggs.

That crafty Easter Bunny put an egg in the dorade.

The church put an Easter Egg hunt on too.

Oh, and I got a year older too.  Victoria's cake.

I tried to go sportfishing for my first time but we had engine issues once we got to the fishing area (injector pump stuck at low revs).  We did get a strike from an approx 200 lb marlin though.  This is sunrise as we leave Majuro.

The winning marlin was 430 lbs.

We were honoured with a visit from Anious and Emily from Ailuk.  They are trying to get to Wotje to see their son's high school graduation so they need to go come to Mauro first to get a ship to Wotje despite the fact that the closest atoll to Ailuk is Wotje ... The whole trip will take them about a month,

A trip to the canoe musem

This model was made with the same materials the Marshallese would have originally used.  The hull is breadfruit wood and the rigging and sails from pandenus.

Rigging details - all natural materials.

Sail detail - all natural materials.

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