Sunday, 7 May 2017

Life Onboard in Ailuk plus time with SV Aorai.

We enjoyed being the only boat in Ailuk but on the other hand we very much enjoyed the company of the other boats that shared the anchorages with us for awhile.  Many of our photos are of our time interacting with the villages but we did various activities onboard and with the other boats as well.

A popular activity - swimming under the keel (and the RHIB on the other side)
and some spearfishing

Giant clam

and burying your baby brother is also another hobby

and, of course, maintenance continues ... using 5200 to reseam one of the tubes with my junior pantless assistant

Trickle is put into service while the glue drys on the RHIB.

Johnathan helping me check out the chainplates.

Work continues on the blanket

Lots to journal about.

Dinner - fish we speared, barbecued on Yves' wood fired BBQ, aboard SV Aorai.

Measuring supplies to bring to the village.

SV Aorai.  Yves can anchor rather closer to the water than we can

SV Aorai.  Yves can anchor rather closer to the water than we can

Junior paddleboarder

But the paddle is more fun as a shovel.

Swimming with Tananui

Benjamin guarding Yves's pirouge

Dinner with the crew of Runaway on SV Aori.

SV Aorai sets sail
SV Aorai and SV Runaway head out.  SV Runaway never use their engine and do not have any form of self-steering.

Back at the sweatshop Victoria makes a new swim suit/rashguard

Trevally for dinner - a fish shot by Johnathan.

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