Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Feasts and Games in Ailuk

We were well looked after in Ailuk with the various feasts and picnics.  Liz described them in her blog posts at the time and some pictures are below:

Benjamin attacking his pandanus

Darlene preparing pandanus.

Tug of war (with one of our dock lines)

Tug of war.

Like in Fiji, volleyball is popular here and these ladies are good.

The boys playing volleyball

Musical chairs

Benjamin being chased by the girls.

On our arrival at Enejelar we were brought some giant clam meat.

Giant clam meat.

What's cooking ?

Turtle !  A rare treat in Ailuk for special occasions.

Very tasty. No parts were wasted.

Water heating for coffee on the picnic

And some fresh pork for the picnic

and some fish we speared.

Liz learning some Marshallese

and Victoria teaching crocheting.

Marshallese Chicken.

We were almost always sent home with leftovers.

The massive feast at Anious's 50th Birthday Feast

Lots of time to sit and chat.  In this case at Anious's house in Ailuk village.

Benajmin and his friend Emila.

Farewell pot luck dinner with Anious and Emily before we depart after six weeks in Ailuk.

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