Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Back to Minerva Reef - Pictures

It was nice to be back to Minerva Reef after missing it on last year's passage north.  Liz wrote about our stay there here and here are some pictures:

The view at Minerva Reef

Going for a bit of a paddle

Benjamin checking out the booby that stopped by to visit a few times.  The bird is a long way from any land !
Our friends on Vareki weighing anchor.  It was a bit rolly with 5.3m swell outside the anchorage.  Good thing their boat is steel with the anchor swinging like it was.

SV Code Blue pitching in the swell.

Coral (Miriam Wolf photo)

Miriam jumps in

On the reef at low tide (Miriam Wolf photo)

Giant Clams (Miriam Wolf photo)

And, of course, it would be boring if nothing to fix.

Making German Pretzels on a stormy day.

Making German Pretzels on a stormy day.

Time to cool off.

Prototype spinnaker pole swing.

Having the neighbours over for drinks.  Steve and Judy from SV Code Blue.

Fish filleting lesson for Miriam.

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