Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Navadra in Photos

Liz has already written about Navadra and now here are some photos.

View from the top.

Looking down to the anchorage.
Photos from the grand gathering of Exodus, Breeze, Field Trip, Lumbaz and Fluenta before the dispersion.

A picture from Field Trip's drone (SV Field Trip photo)

The wild pack of kids.
a rare family portrait
More camp photos - breakfast underway (Exodus photo)

more kids camp
Kids camp

and sundowners for the adults (Exodus photo)
Benjamin on the crowded beach
Navadra from the air - this is the hill I took some pictures from  (SV Field Trip Photo)
The kids' camp site from the air (SV Field Trip Photo)

Fun surf conditions
Oh, I am big so I can just barge on in here ...  Seamanship fail. (Exodus photo)
Rather close.

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