Monday, 4 June 2018

Tauranga - Family and Friends

We had intended to spend more time in Tauranga and have a bit less maintenance so we could do some kitesurfing, tourism etc but alas it was not to be.  Out of the six weeks we were there I took one morning off for the ANZAC service (similar to a Canadian Remembrance Day) and a day for a trip to the airport (a feature of a later blog post).  That being said, we were well looked after with a car being loaned to us (Thank you Rob and Carolyn) and then our new Tauranga friends.

At the reception following the ANZAC service, Wendall, suitably glad in his blue blazer, started talking to a similarly distinguished blue blazer-clad gentlemen.   Jack it turns out is ex-RNZAF and he offered to drive Wendall back to the boat after the reception.  Jack, and his wife, Jill, adopted us and especially the kids and made our stay much more enjoyable with kitchen crafts, tree planting (and named two kauri trees after the kids), airport visits, and just general amazing hospitality.

The "Welcome Grampy" chocolate by Victoria.

Lots of great dinners together

And the ever patient Grampy is taught to play Minecraft by Benjamin

After the ANZAC service.

Jack brings Wendall back after a detour to check out Jill and Jack's amazing garden.

And Jill takes the kids tree planting where they learned about native NZ trees.

One of many trees they planted

Tree planting

Victoria making cherry guava jelly under Jill's tutelage.

And making candy at Jill and Jack's house.

Trips to the park with Jill.

And a visit to the famous Hairy Maclary park (A children's author that Benjamin enjoys).

I had yet another birthday.

The kids got to practice their silk skills.  A few years since the last lessons in La Cruz.  Check out this link for them doing silks five years ago in Mexico:

Of course, living on a boat in the yard is like living in a climbing gym anyway.

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