Tuesday, 12 June 2018

How to Track Fluenta On-Line - PredictWind and YIT

As we prepare to head offshore again, a reminder that you can generally find our location on-line in two spots.

The first is http://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/Fluenta provided through Predictwind and our Iridium Go device we purchased through them two years ago.  This is updated automatically approximately every hour.  A quick note to say that the service from Predictwind has been amazing - perhaps the best customer service we have seen in the marine industry.   Long on my "to do" list has been a blog post on how to look at weather data and generally communicate when we we are "off grid".

The other way to track Fluenta is the Yachts in Transit website run by David and Patricia of Gulf Harbour Radio.  You can our see our posts at https://www.yit.nz/yacht/fluenta. This one is not automatically updated but I generally try to update it every day on passage and when we change anchorages.  Beyond the location details I usually add a note about the weather and what we are up to (and the fish report).   David and Patricia provide an amazing service to the fleet with their daily weather discussion. Once it is fixed, these updates will link to my Facebook account again. 

As in previous years, a reminder that if you notice that the tracking is not working do not revert to "panic stations".  There are all sorts of technical and operator issues that could cause the systems to not work.  If we do have an actual emergency we will activate the EPIRB or PLB(s), use the SOS buttons on the Iridium Handheld and/or call RCC directly.

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