Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Volvo Ocean Race - Pictures from on the water

With Fluenta anchored right off the race course, we were perfectly positioned to watch the in-port races and then the start of leg 7.  Liz and Benjamin mostly watched from Fluenta while the big kids and I were in the RHIB.

Most of the close up shots were taken by Johnathan or Victoria with the SLR.

Yikes, perhaps parked in the wrong spot.
Busy around Fluenta as the Volvo boats prepare for the start of leg 7.  We are the green boat.  The screen do not show the masses of spectator boats big and small.  You can see some of the race boats (Donfeng in red plus Mapfre and Scallywag).  You can see that even in our protected spot the winds are over 14 kts already.

Johnathan trying to get a clear shot of Dongeng during one of the in-port races.
Light air day

a tight race.
Turn the Tide on Plastic with the Sky Tower in the background.

Some of the races were in very light air.  Amazing how well these boats go in with only the slightest light winds.

Heartening to see even the pros miss things too.  MAPFRE won the inshore race and then just about hit this buoy when they were swarmed by the spectator boats.  They missed it after a shout from onboard and a lot of reverse thrust.
There were lots of spectator boats of all sizes.  This was one of the quiet days
I think they mean me.  These guys did a good job with the crazy crowds.

and the police were there to back up the marshall boats.

This was a cool spectator boat.  Note it has wheels too.  A bit big unfortunately for Fluenta
The late Sir Peter Blake's Steinlager II. An interesting boat from which to watch the race
Up the mast to fix the batten (we think)
We were pretty close so Johnathan got some photos that made it look like we were onboard.

Our friend and legend Marie-Laure onboard AkzoNobel for the Pro-Am race.
Mapfre on the start of leg 7.  Next stop Brazil.
It was bouncy for the departure with a bit of wind chop and the crazy wakes from all the spectator boats.

Scallywag heading out of the harbour heading for Brazil.  It was bouncy for the departure with a bit of wind chop and the crazy wakes from all the spectator boats

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