Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Paradise Resort

We have been to Paradise Resort on Taveuvi several times with Fluenta.  It is a very yacht friendly resort with free moorings and a very warm welcome.  We did a blog post on of our previous visits here:  Fluenta in Paradise.

This time we went as proper resort guests as my parents chose to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary there and bring their children and grandchildren for the party.  My cousin Caroline and her husband Jamie were also able to attend from New Zealand.  What a great time !  Thank you Mum and Dad.

We also visited the resort in January 2008 in one of the first years that Terri and Allan owned the resort.

Liz and young Johnathan at Paradise Resort in 2008.

Sunset with crazy kids in 2008.

And then back to the recent history ... My parents arriving to the welcoming committee for their anniversary party.
The outside of our bure.  
Outside showers (and inside ones too)
Unfortunately we neglected to take pictures of the interior but they are so nice.  Here is a picture from their website.

Quiet places places for yoga
Nice snorkelling
So many good meals

and more nice meals ...  We have not eaten so well in a long time ...
50th Anniversary Dinner
Chances for family photos.
Johnathan gets to use Uncle Jamie's big camera
The girls dancing it up.

And of course, kava night.

Too much kava.
Ten years previously ... Johnathan and Victoria sleeping while we kava.
Lots of kids ...
Great snorkelling

The kids had their own bure !  Rather a change from all of us stuffed into Fluenta.

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