Saturday, 16 December 2017

The Great Gadji Regatta

Russel had the great idea when we were at Gadji to set up a regatta as we had two sailing dinghies and several windsurfers between Fluenta, Tika and Excaliber.  As the handicapping system would be far too difficult to figure out the times were taken by vehicle (i.e. times accomplished by Trickle, by Tika Taka, etc) and the crews switched up regularly which boat or board they were using.  Fluenta or Tika was the committee boat for the start and racers were guided by the horn at 2 minutes, 30 seconds and at the start.

Racers massing at the start between Fluenta and Excaliber

And they are off.

Victoria heading upwind

Johnathan and Jaiya heading towards the windward mark

Johnathan in Trickle

Johnatahan and Jaiya in Tika Taka.

The fleet

Heading downwind to the finish

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