Thursday, 28 December 2017

Pasage from New Caledonia to New Zealand

Liz has written about this passage here, here and here but here are a few photos:

Navigation lesson before departure.

Removing what we think were squid eggs from the anchor chain before stowing the chain.  That could have been smelly sitting there for a week or so in the chain locker.

We are all heading for the same channel in the lagoon so the commercial traffic come pretty close.

Victoria made slippers for the passage south.  Note the leather from our old turnbuckle covers.

Plotting the noon position

Fluenta time stayed on New Caledonia time so lots of sun early in the morning.

Our tack way east brought us close to a few remote islands.  This is Walpole Island that we passed on Victoria's watch.  These remote islands and reefs are why you need to check the route at the appropriately large scale to see the hazards on the electronic charts.

Sunset or sunrise ...

If you are not on watch you should be sleeping.  It was a bit bouncy as we were close hauled into the steep waves.

More sleeping.

Splash.  Staysail pulling us along nicely

Benjamin on the other hand did not even notice the bouncy weather.  Here he is in a fort he made under the saloon table eating away.

All ready for New Zealand weather.

Arrived.  The last bigger wave knocked in the dodger a bit.

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  1. Enjoying your diverse photos of your travels, especially the different skills the kids are learning along the way! Kudos to the parents to these young folks!


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