Sunday, 10 December 2017

Kiteboarding and Windsurfing

Our time in New Caledonia was more focused on playing with our toys than visiting different areas.  Progressing our kite boarding was the major focus as there are great spots with consistent winds.  To make it even better there were loads of other cruisers who kite so we had a large group of patient mentors.   For the later half of our time in New Caledonia we met up with Tika again and the kids had lots of chances to learn to windsurf under the patient coaching of Russel.

Liz zooming along ...

and heading up wind !

Experimenting with jumping ...

and crashing ...

Victoria windsurfing

and Johnathan windsurfing.

Some of the cruiser/kiteboarder group - SV Shenangians, Fusio, Blue Bie and Cavalo  (Johnathan photo)

Benjamin was well looked after by the other crusiers as usual.  Emma of SV Hi Lo Yo.

And Philip of SV Blue Bie

and the blooper reel: Benjamin testing the structural integrity of the branch.

Going ...


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