Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Ilot Amede - Being Tourists

After Mato and Kouare we went back to tourist land for a visit to Ilot Amede:

Amede is famous for its lighthouse - the biggest in New Caledonia.  Sailing in New Caledonia is much different than the rest of the South Pacific as the charts are actually correct and there are many well maintained aids to navigation.

The lighthouse was built and assembled in 1862 in Paris and then disassembled and shipped to New Caledonia.

The view from the top towards the anchorage.

Checking out the fresnel lens

You can just see the stern of our little dingy in front of the ferry
Don't fall off the stairs.  About 202 steps to the top.

Fluenta in the background

Benjamin's favourite part of the island - the playground.  Seeing sea turtles and sharks - that is normal - but playgrounds are pretty rare for him.

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