Sunday, 16 July 2017

Exodus Reunion and the kids in Latitude 38

Liz and kids are back in Canada visiting and I am on Fluenta catching up on some maintenance in Port Vila.  They had a smooth trip to Halifax and had the extra special treat of meeting up with the Exodus crew at LAX.  Deanne and the boys drove all the way to LAX from San Diego despite their busy shore-based life.

Fluenta and Exodus kids (and Mum's) reunited at LAX (SV Exodus photo)

While procrastinating rebeding some more chain plates and other glamorous jobs, I flipped through the latest Latitude 38 and there was a picture of the young children of Fluenta, Exodus and Lady Carolina.  The kids have grown up a bit since 2014.

Familiar faces in the July 2017 Latitude 38

Hard to believe Benjamin was ever that small and that we took him across the Pacific when he was four months old ...   He looks than impressed in this photo.

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