Monday, 24 April 2017

Passage Photos

For whatever reason, we do not take a lot of photos while on passage but here are a few from either the passage from Kiribati to the Marshall Islands or in between the atolls in the Marshall Islands.

We have had almost only upwind sailing the last few months and have really appreciated our newly recut hank-on staysail.

Setting the running backstays.  Necessary when using the staysail but we normally set them anyway for a bit of extra stability for the mast.
Yes Mum, I am clipped in of course

The wind generator has liked all this upwind sailing to keep out batteries charged - that and lots of solar sailing so close to the equator.

9.2 kts down the rhumb line !  We did a steady 8 to 9 reaching away from Aur in the smooth lee of the atoll.

And always watching for squalls.  As we went north from Majuro the number of squalls reduced significantly as we gained some distance from the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ)

Victoria processing a mahi-mahi in the lee of Majuro.  Yes Granny, note she is clipped in as well.

and small dog-tooth tuna caught in the lagoon of Maloelap.  We also picked up a yellow fin, another mahi mahi and a rainbow runner but somehow did not get any pictures.

Hand lines coming in as we come up to the anchorage.

Hard to see in the photo but the pass into Ailuk was interesting. It is a big easy pass but there was an unusual big but long period swell from the north west causing some crazy surging in the pass.


Much reading is done on passage.

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