Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Enejelar Education Week

Liz has written extensively about our six weeks on Ailuk Atoll.  Our ambition was to spend a long period on one atoll to reduce the churn involved with always moving and spend more quality time in one place.  Exodus recommended Ailuk as did several kiter acquaintances.  We were not disappointed !

This blog post shows some photos from our interaction with the school in the small village of Enejelar in the north of the atoll. There are only seven or eight families in the village but there is a well organised school with the students split into three groups from grades one to eight.  We arrived just in time for "Education Week" across the Marshall Islands and the first person to greet us in Enejelar was a small boat owned by the headmaster of the school and crewed by the head of the PTA inviting us to participate in  Education Week.

Education Week was composed of spelling bees (in English and Marshallese), essays, math and athletics.   I was appointed a judge for the English spelling bee and helped officiate in the athletics. Johnathan and I also participated in the athletics which was amusing.

Later on in our stay we also went to the school to give them some practice in English.

Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

The judges

Spelling Bee

Running race.

The grounds between the school and some of the houses.

Closing ceremony means more feasting !

and, of course, Victoria made a cake.

Note item 8: We are referred to a "Yachties"

A Yachtie making a speech.  They love speeches here so I came to be prepared to give one at any occasion.  This one was translated as I went.

Dancing while we feast
More feasting ...

and time to play

and time to play

Before school assembly

Classroom time

Johnathan showing our travels

Johnathan showing our travels

The older students

Many of the sounds in Marshallese do not exist in English and visa versa.  Note 'f', 'g', 'h' are missing
and several variations of 'n'
Fluenta anchored off Enejelar village.

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