Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Where in the world is Fluenta - How to find Fluenta

This season we have been spoilt with increased comms capability with our Iridium Go.  We are still connecting at about 2.4 kb/s or about 1/20th the speed of old 56 k dialup (or 1/800th the speed of broadband) but it is much more consistent than the HF radio.  With this device there is also a tracking function that you can access at:

We will continue to use the Yachts in Transit site on an occasional basis as we can add comments and weather data as well as because the authors of the site provide weather advice to the cruising fleet.  David and Patricia provide an amazing service to the fleet with their daily weather discussion.

As in previous years, a reminder that if you notice that the tracking is not working to do not revert to "panic stations".  There are all sorts of technical and operator issues that could cause the systems to not work.  If we do have an actual emergency we will activate the EPIRB or PLB(s), use the SOS buttons on the Iridium Go and/or call RCC directly.

A screenshot of the Predictwind tracking site.

A screenshot of the Yachts in Transit site.

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