Sunday, 6 November 2016

Musket Cove - Hobies, Camping, some School and Farewells.

After escaping the boat yard we went over to Musket Cove to play with friends, wait for parts to arrive and do some kiting.

Rush hour in Sigatoka

Commuting into Laukota

Cane cutting season near Vuda

And then to Musket Cove ... The little boat on the right is a 60+' motor yacht (Really nice Canadian folks on the MV Infinity) rather dwarfed by SY Encore and Atlantic.

The regatta was happening so even the sandbar was busy.

the boys hanging out at the bar.

Johnathan and Samuel sailing with Tim from Honey.

Victoria heading our with the Tika crew.

Victoria and Jayia out in Trickle

Benjamin getting trained up for surfing

Johnathan getting a fast ride with Russel of SY Tika on the windsurfer.

Me up one the board (briefly)

Lunch delayed for a spot of adventure.  The windlass let go on this boat beside us so Johnathan and I head over to jury rig some snubbers.
and some time for school with SY Honey

The kids camped ashore and then built a raft to come back to the boats.

The kids camped ashore and then built a raft to come back to the boat.

Sad farewells with the crew of Honey.

Sharing Canadian Thanksgiving with Tim from Exodus before he too departed.

Thanksgiving onboard.

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