Sunday, 23 October 2016

Brushes with Celebrity - The Dashew Edition

MV Cochise ( photo)
Before we went cruising I tracked down and read all of Steve and Linda Dashew's sailing books.  I always admired his designs but sadly even his old boats were well out of our price range.

He makes motor yachts now but with some of the same design philosophy he applied to his sailboats and I still read his blog from time to time.  It was a nice surprise then to see MV Cochise, Steve and Linda's own personal yacht and first in the new line of FPB78's, anchor near us at Musket Cove.

Victoria and went over with Russel and Jayia from SV Tika to say hello.  As we hoped, we were invited onboard for a tour.  Steve and Linda cruised when their children were young so it was no surprise that they were great with the children.  When Steve found out that Victoria draws sailboats and hopes to build her own someday she was invited back the next day to talk boat designs !

Steve and Linda were heading out for some trials and photo shoot with Moonshadow's (an early Dashew design) drone and, to my delight, I was invited along for the day sail.  What an impressive machine.  You can see the photos from the daysail here:

Steve Dashew and Victoria talking boat design.  They took Victoria's hand drawings and put them into the CAD system. Very cool !

Russel from Tika and Steve Dashew in what has to be the nicest engine room ever.

Linda Dashew talking cruising with the kids.
Fluenta from the helm of Cochise.

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