Thursday, 12 May 2016

More Auckland - Passage preps, Monkeys, Lancasters and Yet More Cake

Yes ... still in Auckland.  A really nice city in a really nice country but we are ready to get back to Fiji.

Provisioning has been a major task as we may be 18 months before coming back to a first world country.  That being said we have had some time to be tourists too with trips to the zoo and the Transportation Museum.

Another highlight has been Nirvana's visit on their way back to the US and visiting NZ friends (Sud-Ouest) we met in the Marquesas who know have all the grown up stuff like a jobs and a house.

We have moved out of the marina and are now anchored out in front of downtown. Very scenic and convenient but not too comfortable with the ferry wake and the weekend powerboaters.

And of course, more birthdays ... this time mine and Victoria made an amazing cake.

Photos ...

The view from the anchorage

The view from the anchorage

Nirvana stops by on their way to the airport!  So sad to see them go.

Nirvana stops by on their way to the airport!

Now those are serious hamsters.

The super cool NZ Tuatara.  Had to go to the zoo to finally see one.

Dangerous zoo animals.

Bad hair day

The side of the my birthday cake by Victoria

The top of the birthday cake.

Some of the provisioning in the background

and a bit of kiting.

a rare Lancaster bomber

This is blurry because Benjamin snuck into this cockpit and I couldn't get him out other than by dragging him by his ankles before security showed up.  There was plexiglass on both side except a six inch gap.

There are some many boats in New Zealand that they need to stack them.

Our berth at Pier 21

Lot of racing to watch especially as one of the marks was near the boat.

Lot of canning for the passage.

Waffles prepared by Victoria and Johnathan for Mother's Day.

Benjamin studying up for Fiji.

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  1. Great pictures. Congrats to Victoria on an awesome looking cake!....and a happy belated birthday


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