Saturday, 7 November 2015

Savusavu - a few days turns into a few weeks

We did not mean to go to Savusavu but we kept tagging along with Exodus as they headed east even though we were supposed to be heading back to the Nadi area.  However, a few days in Savusavu was tempting - a chance for fresh provisions and maybe even dinner out.  Several weeks later we were still there - no bad thing as Savusavu is one of our favourite towns.

Exodus loading up with stores while Fluenta checks out the staysail

Trickle sailing into the mist.

The compass we had overhauled in NZ lasted about a month so here we are topping up the fluid with lamp oil

There are so many good, affordable restaurants in Savusavu.  This one is our favourite: Tastes of Hidden Paradise

Victoria working out the details of the dress she designed.

Benjamin and I off paddleboarding.

Johnathan showing great patience sharing his lego with Benjamin

Benjamin helping build the blog ...

Maleki's awesome sauces that he sells on the street in Fiji Water bottles.

Trickle's appendages get some care and attention by her crew

Benjamin and I safety boating for the "big" kids in Trickle.  Benjamin looks unsure about the whole process.

Johnathan playing rugby on Fiji Day

and more maintenance - preventative this time: checking all the autopilot connections and greasing the steering cables and pulleys.

Ahmed, the tailor, fixing our dingy chaps so they actually fit.  Ahmed is highly recommended, unlike the lady we first hired in Savusavu

Benjamin setting up the generator for us

and, of course, helping me fix it.

My parents arrive !  Sundowners with my parents, Exodus and True Blue V.  Fluenta docked in the background,

Pre-departure photos before Exodus heads north.

Pre-departure photos before Exodus heads north.

Pre-departure photos before Exodus heads north.

A still morning in Savusavu after TD02 passes by.

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