Saturday, 9 May 2015

Waiting For a Weather Window

Fluent was pretty much ready to go but ... The weather windows and a few other issues caused a bit of a delay. No great hardship as this gives us time to enjoy New Zealand as we haven't seem much beyond the boat, the yard and the marine stores ...

We moved down to Marsden Cove and Urquarts Bay for some sea trials and time at anchor.  This overlapped with my birthday so I was treated to a night out to the see the floating circus preform and a surprise birthday party and day sail with my cousin and her husband from Auckland.

The delay also allows some time to catch up on conventional school, some impromptu circus school and computer lessons (Victoria won the award for top program in the class.

The view from the anchorage.

The birthday cake Victoria made for me.  Complete with a whale and all of us represented by Lego people.
Cake master at work.

Not in the tropics anymore.

Pre sail luncheon.

Benjamin testing out the new lifeline netting (under the close supervision of Joanne).

Time for circus school.

Dancers at the departure dinner

The kids watching the dancers.

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