Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mother-Daughter Rigging Team and other passage preps.

After I had checked over the rig it was time to get our nice leather spreader covers put back on.  Victoria has been asking for ages to help up the mast so ... Liz and Victoria were up the mast today to put the spreader covers back on and to sort some chafed spots. 

Rigger at work

Ladies' Rigging Team
New harness put to work (and shiny new OCC burgee)

Johnathan winched Victoria up the mast.

Vacuum packing victuals

More ...

Meanwhile I continue to argue with Windows reinstalling the satphone driver. 

And Benjamin helps with the laundry. 

And a day to play tourist.  The oldest kauri tree in New Zealand.

And a rustic spa visit


  1. Nice boots! Did you make these originally yourself or did you have a prior set to use as a template? What do you use to sew it on? How long does a set last in the tropics? Elkhide?

    1. We bought the leather in San Diego and then had Pedro Vargas the Rigger make them in La Cruz, Mexico. They have lasted two years so far and seem in good shape. Used normal waxed thread to sew them together. There is a cloth layer held on with rigging tape underneath.


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