Monday, 3 February 2014

Article on Fluenta in Latitude 38

Blogging has not been anyway near the top of the priority list so this will be a very quick one.  All is well.

Mum and babe are doing fine and boat preparations are progressing.  We have had great visits from Liz's parents and Max's sister's family.  More details and photos to follow at some point but thought we would include a link to a recent article about us in Latitude 38.  Starts on page 75.

Picture from Latitude 38

Picture from Latitude 38


  1. Hi Max/Liz...Nice article in Latitiude 38 :-) Fair winds and a folowing sea on your jump. Bob Schwartz

  2. Great to hear from you guys. Congrats on the article and so glad to see that you are all doing so well.

    Enjoy your little one, the time goes so fast and soon he'll be running around.

  3. Hola SV Fluenta! We were delighted to read about your family in Latitude 38 and also to hear about your upcoming puddle jump. We shan't be making it over to the mainland this year (staying in the Sea of Cortez) so this is our virtual Bon Voyage and we wish you a pleasant jump across the puddle. We look forward to hearing more about your terrific and memorable family.
    -Sylvia and Tom
    SV Cinnabar


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