Monday, 18 November 2013

Summer in BC

 [another one of our discontiguous, not in any chronological order posts ...]

After our Nova Scotia and PEI visit we headed to BC to visit my side of the family.  Most of the summer was spent relaxing and playing at the farm but we also went camping a few times, did a few local excursions and spent time in Victoria with Sarah and Chris at either end of the trip.

Hard not to take pictures at the farm.  Harder to narrow down which pictures to use especially when there are kids with horses, tractors and bikes ...

Granny and Grandpa treated the kids to a trip Sky to Trek Adventures near Revelstoke for their birthdays.  Great fun and we had the place to ourselves.

Descending !
Climbing !

Three Valley Gap

Three Valley Gap

A did a few hikes and did some camping as well.

Mount Revelstoke

The inukshuk that Victoria made

Back towards the Shuswap from Mt Revelstoke

Miller Lake

The hike to Miller Lake
Cougar at the Wildlife Park
Bluff Overlooking the Shuswap
Copper Island
Margret Falls
Margret Falls
Camping at Niskonlith Park

Overlooking White Lake

The Fleet on White Lake

Victoria filling out the guest book on a hike

At Hells Gate on the way back to Victoria

That's all for now ...


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  1. Wonderful update on your past year! Looks like you've been busy! Good luck with new baby life! We are selling boat in Australia. Home to Calif next spring. Cheers!


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