Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Prepared for Leg 2

In Bahia Santa Maria in between legs 2 and 3. Scheduled departure for Cabo San Lucas is 0700 tomorrow but we will stay until the afternoon to the kids can play with some other boat kids. Plan is to explore the estuary with the dingy. Gribs are showing very light winds tomorrow so we may get better winds by delaying for 12 hours anyway.

Hopeful we have got the autopilot working again as we have been handsteering much of leg 1 and 2. Isolated the problem to the hydraulic drive and we pulled and cleaned off the brushes this morning so fingers crossed. The Robertson autopilot is over 20 years old so may need replacement. We also have a Benmar autopilot but have not yet managed to get it to work.

Great sailing in general with the asymmetric spinnaker up for most of the time. The fishing has been less successful: after our two tasty tuna on leg one we managed to land no fish for leg two. Our squid lures are gone so playing around with the lures that were left on the boat when we got it.
At 04/11/2012 23:21 (utc) our position was 25°44.32'N 113°06.09'W

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