Friday, 29 August 2014

Fluenta in September Latitude 38 PPJ Recap

Not much to report but fun to see a Fluenta picture (from the Mexico to Marquesas passage)  in the PPJ Recap in the September Latitude 38 issue.  We are on page 88:  Link

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

SWIMEX Bora Bora

Family Selfie
Johnathan jumping off the bow
Yet another selfie
Two little fish gathering sand as proof of their descent

Floating in the current but tethered to Fluenta


Shallow anchorage.

Bora Bora East Anchorage in pictures

Bora Bora
Nice to be able to see our anchor chain and anchor easily from the surface.

12' Water Depth

Benjamin breakfasting with the Meridian in the background

Swimming from the boat

Manta Ray

Johnathan climbing yet another tree

Intrepid Explorers

Johnathan kneeboarding behind Trickle

Victoria kneeboiarding behind Trickle

Family Swim and back to town.


Today was the day to leave our beautiful anchorage in the NE side of the lagoon at Bora Bora, but just as we were about to go, we decided that we could delay for a short while. Victoria had already gone swimming when we had friends come by in their dinghy, and before we knew it, we were all swimming in the turquoise water.

Victoria, Johnathan, and Max had great fun out-doing each other with cannon balls, pencil dives, and various other means of flinging themselves from Fluenta into the water (with or without the GoPro capturing it all). Benjamin and I hung out on our floating chair (tethered by a 20 foot line, as it turned out that there was quite a current flowing by Fluenta, and I didn't want to make an unexpected trip to the nearby resort!) taking it all in. The water was shallow (14 feet or so - the kids dove to the bottom and came up with sand in their hands as proof of their descent) and warm (even Benjamin was happy and comfortable - ok, maybe that is not a good measure: even I was happy and comfortable!) and it really was hard to get back aboard for the transit around the lagoon. We had planned to leave our anchorage at 1100 so we would have lots of time in hand and lots of sunlight to come through the coral fields; as it turned out, we still had lots of time when we left at noon, and we were able to give our kids (and ourselves) a precious memory of a family swim in a spectacularly beautiful place. Max and I are generally pretty no-nonsense when it comes to the scheduling of boat movements, so it was nice to see that perhaps this cruising lifestyle is starting to rub off on us after all :)

Now that we are back in front of the Mai Kai, we have *some* internet again (not much!!) and most importantly, we are back in the land of Happy Hour, baguettes (tomorrow`s treat), and walks to town for cheap (by FP standards) street food. Dinner tonight: I ordered a plate of chicken and fries for the kids (1000 CPF) and asked the girl if it would be enough for two children. She laughed and said that it would be. In fact, the one plate would nearly have fed all of us! We were well satiated when we walked home after poulet-frites, chow-men (chow mein), and poission cru a la chinoise (an especially tasty local specialty)!

Our plan is still to stay here for a couple more days, and then it looks like we will have a weather window late in the week to head for Penrhyn (Northern Cook Islands).

Love to all,
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Monday, 25 August 2014

Approach to the Bora Bora Anchorage

It is definitely visual navigation coming into our anchorage on the east side of. Bora Bora.  The reefs are completely different than what are on the charts and the hotels that jut out into the water are no marked either.

A few photos:

Four Seasons Hotel

Liz guiding us through the reefs

Worth it once anchored.  The view a few days later.

Manta Ray

We went snorkelling to see the Manta Rays near our anchorage. The kids were quick to point out that the coral seemed dead and the were very few fish.  I guess we are spoiled after the Tuamotus. 

We did find one big Manta Ray gliding around about 20 to 30 feet down.  His wingspan is about six feet across.  They are very gracefull.

I free dove down to take a few pictures and some video.  Posting video will need to wait until we reach New Zealand but some photos are below:

Manta Ray about 30' down

Johnathan diving down to check out the Manta 

Sunday at Anchor in Bora Bora

Greetings :)

Supper is done (wahoo from our freezer ... making space to catch more on our next passage, we hope), the kids are reading/playing video games, Max is washing dishes, and Benjamin is generally making his presence felt all around the saloon. Nice to be typing a note before midnight!

After a hiatus of many weeks, Victoria made a double batch of "Grampy Biscuits" this morning (doubled so that we wouldn't have to count out each person's ration). With the oven hot, I followed up with a double batch of granola and my first attempt at granola bars (burnt, unfortunately, but I will try them again). On the afternoon docket was a batch of yogurt. Can you tell we are getting ready for a passage ?? Our plan at the moment is to go back around to the main town tomorrow, spend a couple of days doing the last of our provisioning, the catch a weather window this week to head for Penrhyn... we will keep you posted.

Max and the kids had a great afternoon today, sailing Trickle. I stayed aboard Fluenta, so I will let Victoria describe what they were doing:

"We went into a little bay nearby that was absolutely beautiful. There is only one bit of coral that I have seen in the whole thing, and it is all a beautiful turquoise color (6-8 ft deep). There is fairly good wind, so we have been taking Trickle there. The kids rig and sail Trickle over without any help, and Dad drives the dinghy as the safety boat. We anchor the dinghy and sail Trickle around. By the end, Dad is usually having a sail in Trickle, so we take the boogie board and swim away from the dinghy, sit on the boogie board, and hold out the ankle strap. Then when Dad comes sailing by, he grabs the ankle strap and we get towed by Trickle. I have even managed to stand up!"

What more can I say?

As for Benjamin, he is *so* pleased with himself that he can make his requests for "more food" understood. He delights in his mini conversations with us, not only smacking his two hands together with gusto, but also nearly hyper-ventilating in his excitement when we offer him "more" of anything. Such fun!

Anyway, a quick note tonight. I hope you are well, and that you are enjoying some end-of-summer weather.

Love to all,
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