Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Life in La Cruz and Visitors

We have been fortunate this season to have had many visitors.  My parents visited in February, Liz's parents came in January and then her dad, Wendall, came back again a few weeks ago to help me with completing a bunch of the boat projects.  My sister and her family came down in March and then they came back without the kids but with a collection of their friends for a Mexican holiday.  Liz's sister and brother came with their children at the some time for a mini family reunion.   Busy times but lots of fun.

They love fireworks in Mexico.  My sister's son spouting fire outside one of our favourite restaurants in town.

My sister and her husband Chris after a daysail.

Surfing at Punta de Mita with Sarah and Chris
While my parents were here we had a renaming ceremony for "Trickle" the sailing dingy.  Here the kids (Fluenta and Kenta Anae) are on the first row on the recently renamed vessel.

Granny and Grandpa Shaw visiting.

Can't have a sailing blog without a sunset picture (although it is actually a sunrise picture ...)

Johnathan successfully completing his yellow belt test in Karate (in Spanish of course)
A few extra crew:  A day sail with an extra 11 people - thanks to Shindig and all the others who lent us enough PFD's.

Fluenta at Paradise Village Marina where family was staying at the resort.


And more mandatory family photos

Captain Ron (aka Brother-in-law Ron) helping me set up the beautiful sextant my father-in-law has loaned us.

A daysail with two babies and lots of children.

Aerial Silks

Baby Benjamin was not lacking in attention.  Here Nancy from Shindig was holding him for us.

However, Benjamin has seemed reluctant to take on his fair share of the maintenance duties.

And more wonderful meals on Kenta Anae.  Thanks Merle and Allison.

Grammy with Benjamin

And meanwhile, I worked on the boat.  Note the big hammer !

Benjamin needed a bit of surgery so we drove up to Guadalajara.  A picture of our hotel.

The pyramids outside Guadalajara.

Lots of babies on boats ...Rebel Heart, Sea Raven, Adamaster, Betti and Fluenta mums.

Benjamin's amazing doctors.

Taking my little sister sailing.

Cousins !

Monday, 7 April 2014

Maintenance List - The Continuing Adventure

Since Johnathan and I moved Fluenta from Mazaltan to La Cruz we have been busy …  A data dump from my maintenance spreadsheet below.  I deleted most of the reoccurring items like battery water, zinc replacement, cleaning etc.

Some of these I did myself, some were contracted and my father-in-law helped me with a whole lot of this.  Funny to see the list now as some of the items are a few hours work and some like the solar panel array and the new autopilot took several days each.

A few photos at the end of the list

Wendall and Benjamin showing off the cargo net Wendall designed and made for "Trickle" the Fatty Knees sailing dingy

Aft head leak
12V plugs in cockpit
Autopilot Remote
Adjust furlboom mandrel
Adjust top of furler - chafing on genoa halyard
Aft Cabin Hatch
Aft head leak
Aft head vented loops
AIS antenna
AIS Splitter power from AIS cct breaker
AIS to chartplotter
autopilot autotune
Autopilot crossbar - new
Autopilot R3000X
Backstay – service hydraulics (Contract)
Battery water - vent caps
Better bilge pump system. With panel switch and alarm, y-valve
Better grey water system
Bilge clean - flush bilge and clean bilge compartments
Bow running light fixture replacement
Bulbs for engine panel
Calibrate BTW
Chain replacement
change water filter - pressure water
clean manual bilge pump strum box
Clean reefer condenser
Cockpit mike
cover for anchor windlass (Contract)
Dripping foot pump taps
Dripping tap in aft head
Engine zincs x 2
Enlarge rudder stop
Fabric cover for mast boot (Contract)
Fix bookcase hinge
Fix reefer pressure switch
Fix stbd cubby door
Flush water tanks
Fresh water fwd tank valve leak
Fwd head and reinstall shelves for fwd head
Fwd Head Hatch repair
Galley fan
Genoa refurb - loose threads, repair PV sailing repair (Contract)
Grease rudder reference bearing
hdg input to ais
Hyd panel - service (Contract)
Impellor leak and replacement
Install Chartplotter
Jacklines –new
Jib halyard pennant - amsteel lashing
Kayak repair
Knife in anchor locker
Lazerette Access - wood screws
Leaking water manifold
longer mainsheet
main - batten pockets, clew and tack rings (Contract)
Main - re-tie tack and clew line - with tubular webbing for tack/clew ring and ferule eye strap and back up clew line to back of mandrel
main furler/main halyard  block - rebuild
mainfurl - Grease the grease nipple on the aft end of the spar.
mainsail - telltales
Mark halyard with whipping
Mastboot - install
mastboot - hose clamps
modify lazerette floor board - more space for rudder shaft
move GPS antenna
Move pinstop staysail car in front of genoa lead car
new autopilot
new reefer cooling water filter
non return valve - bilge pump
Oil (100 hrs) - done at 4276.5
Overhaul winch – Anderson
Overhaul winch - port 23
Overhaul winch - port 27 Halyard
Overhaul winch - port 28
Overhaul winch - port 36
Overhaul winch - stbd 27 main sheet
Overhaul winch - stbd 27 outboard
Overhaul winch - stbd 28
Overhaul winch - stbd 36
Paint touch up – hull (Contract)
PFD CO2/bobbins replace
pin shackle for boom lift
pin shackle for staysail
plug gap aft of mast – silicone
portable watermaker – annual maintenance
preventer setup - 2x amsteel with eyes/thimbles, existing preventer double braid with soft shackle, 4x snatch blocks
Prop/shaft zincs
PVC tube on fwd lower shrouds
Rebed pad eye in aft cabin stbd cupboard
rebed slider for cockpit hatch
Red LED in aft cabin
redo network power connection
Reefer - adjust high pressure switch - 170 psi
repair dodger frame
replace bilge pump hose - remove kink
replace CO sensor
Replace dingy davit line
replace mainsail tack and clew lines
replacement autopilot drive
Reseize and seize shackles throughout
rig tuning
rope clutch clean
salt water tap leak
service bilge manual pump - sand, paint interior, new valves
Setscrew in forestay
sextant alignment
sheave replacement for spin pole topping lift
Sheet bags (genoa x2 plus mast) with mesh (Contract)
Smoke alarm batteries
soft shackle for spin tack
Solar panel - rail mount install
Solar panel install - Dodger
solas tape for reef marks and tape around head ring
solas tape on rail mount solar panels
Spectra loops for running backstays
spin halyards, sheets - doughnut and tape
Spinnaker Halyard replacement
SSB GTO15 wire
SSB KISS Counterpoise
Stanchion rebed - saloon fwd stbd side
Stanchion repair (Contract)
start battery replacement
Staysail - pennant, hanks, bag
Stbd aft cabin fan
Steaming light bulb
sun cover for front of main sail (Contract)
Tach bulb
TDS - around deck flange and heater exhaust
telltale on spin pole
Test manual bilge pump
Touch up engine paint
traveller - shackle replacement
Trickle cover (Contract)
Trickle mast cover
Trickle rudder repair
Trickle/RHIB Storage
vang line - double block
Vang repair - gas cylinder
Vang repair - new line
Vented loops - engine
Vents for battery box
water tank flush
watermaker - 12v fan
Watermaker - carbon filter
Watermaker - elbow
Watermaker – membrane
Watermaker - new feed pump
Watermaker - pleated filter
watermaker leak
white fiberglass paint touch up (stbd side near drain, port side of cockpit)
Wifi GoFree -
Windlass - bimonthly

Windlass Service - preseason service
Window leak - fwd stbd
Yellow tape on hawespipe hole

Johnathan helping me raise the genoa after we added a pendant

My Father-in-Law, Wendall, showing off our new solar panels.  Note oil and distilled water  (for the batteries) on deck getting ready to be stowed for the passage.

My dad helping me attach the clew to the furler

Yet more work on the refrigeration

Tenacatita and Careyes

In February we took a break from boat maintenance to head down to Tenacatita and Careyes for some relaxation and to test all the systems we have installed, upgraded or just plain fixed.

We had planned to spend a bit longer in Tenacatita but there was a narrow weather window to get back around Capo Corrientes so we left a bit early and then hung out in Yelapa until we needed to be back in La Cruz.  The passage back was a bit bouncy but no problem.

We spent much of our time buddy boating with our friends on Exodus, catching up on home schooling and generally relaxing.  Max also managed to do some spearfishing while listening to the constant whale song in the area.  At one point, you could even hear the whales from inside the boat.

Careyes with Exodus in the Foreground

Victoria preparing orders for breakfast onboard

Our friend Brian on Cat 2 Fold.  Note he is serenading us as we sailed past.  I also had a chance to sail with Brian

Fish !  We caught a fair amount of fish on the way there and back plus I managed to spear one fish while listening to the whale song.

Johnathan's geography report on the Tumotuas

Yet more diaper laundry

Ready to ride

I even relaxed for a few minutes.  Carayes in the background.


A map the we found in Yelapa.  Kids showing the route to French Polynesia.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

MOD70 Trimarans

Victoria and I wandered over to see the two MOD70 trimarans that were visiting La Cruz.  The super nice two skippers gave us a tour of the boats and answered Victoria's many questions.

Victoria in front of ORION
 Note the mast cants as well as rotates.

Let me drive !

Fluenta needs one of these

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Passage Preparations

All the boat projects are completed ... Nancy has arrived ... six dock carts of food has been brought to the boat ... school work has been downloaded ... stowing and canning is in progress ...  navigation data has been collated ...  so ... a few more steps to complete and we are hoping to ready to slip Saturday or once there is a weather window after that point.  Waiting for Benjamin's Mexican passport and our fresh produce which is booked for Thursday and then checkout of Mexico for Friday/Saturday.

Our ace crew Nancy hoisted me up the mast yesterday so I could clean and double check all was well.

Note our cool new solar panels ...

Our friend's boat Kenta Anae (The First 42 - the big Hanse).  They have been so good to us !


Our friends on Rebel Heart are two weeks or so ahead of us on the passage.  You call follow their progress on their always amusing blog.



Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bandaras Bay Regatta 2014

In this year's Bandaras Bay Regatta I was fortunate enough to be invited on Shindig.  Rob and Nancy have so good to the Fluenta crew and it was an absolute pleasure to sail with them.  Super calm and competent with amazing hospitality.  Also was very nice to handily win our class as well as the costume parade (Nancy was playing live music on the foredeck while Dan and I served the elder couple oysters and wine - quite a nice shindig ...).

Not a lot of photos but some of the first from my new toy: a Go Pro ...

The Light Air Day

In Front

Picture from Latitude 38 as we cross the finish line

One of the uniform shirts !

Quite a Shindig

Quite a Shindig II