Sunday, 16 September 2018

Tongatapu in Pictures - Return to Big Mama's and More.

After our nice passage from NZ to Tonga we spent a few days in Tongatapu catching up on logistics and renewing some acquaintances from our previous visit four years ago.

Liz wrote about it here:  and now here are some photos:

Tied up at the sea container port to clear customs and immigration.  Much quicker than last time and nicer than the nasty dock in the inner harbour.

The ebbing tide and the big wall made embarking and disembarking a challenge so Johnathan rigged the boom as our swinging bridge.

The new-to-us outboard died so the little 2hp came to the rescue while I had a part machined.  A perfect size motor for Benjamin.

Playing tourist.  The Royal Palace.

The shop in the market that remembered Liz.

And Anna, aka Big Mamma, holding Benjamin.  The photo in the background is of her champion swimmer son.  We spent lots of time at her resort in 2014.

Always maintenance to catch up on.  Benjamin sort of helping.

And drilling holes.  What could go wrong ? Check out his facial expression.

Fixing the fridge.  Again.

A welcome gift to the Haapai.  This fed us for awhile.

and a welcoming rainbow.

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