Friday, 18 May 2018

Whangarei Heads - Camping for kids, Hiking for Adults and Yoga for Liz

After leaving Whangaroa we had a lovely passage down to Mcleod Bay near Whangarei Heads.  Liz had heard great things about the yoga retreat at Why Retreat Yoga while the kids had been cooking up a plan with the Honey kids for a camping expedition.

Victoria and Ella had been planning the camping expedition for weeks.  The plan was to head out without tents or a set destination and roam for a few days.   Sounds like they had fun.

Liz enjoyed the workshops and classes at Why Retreat.  Thank you Greer from SV Tika for the recommendation.

It was a perfect little interlude for the Fluenta before heading up the river to Whangerei for a few days to fix the fridge/freezer and the vented loop for the engine.

The campers heading out for their three day expedition.  No routes or campsites figured out ahead of time to add to the adventure.
"I think the big kids are over there".  Benjamin pointing to the peak that the big kids hiked too.

Liz, Benjamin and I did our own hike.  Benjamin did four hours of the hike himself including the ascent and descent.   I carried him for the fifth hour.

Looking out towards Marden.

Nice views towards Urquarts Bay.
Sunrise yoga on Ocean Beach with Why Retreat Yoga.

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