Tuesday, 15 May 2018

To Whangaroa for Cyclone Hola

This is our third visit to New Zealand and every time we say we are going to Whangaroa .  This time we finally made it.  It was very pretty and a good place to be weather Cyclone Hola.

Cyclone Hola became a non-event that far north but it was a nice place to finally visit.

Watch out for collapsing anvils.

A romantic Valentines Day.
Come on Mum and Dad.  Why are you so slow ?

Nice view from the top of the hike.

After the main hike, Victoria and I tried to find a route to the top of the other nearby peak.

A view down to Fluenta at anchor

Out with my little helper.  There was lots of rain so check out the colour of the water.   I decided I did not want to go spearfishing that badly.

The rain also made lots of waterfalls.  The kids and I later found a route up the base of the waterfall but forgot to bring the camera.

Fog !  The first fog we have seen in years.  We had the kids on the bow on lookout and Liz on the radar as we approached Whangoroa.

And then it cleared once we had the anchor down.

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