Wednesday, 9 May 2018

More Adventures in Fiji - Rock Waterslide, A Trip to Savusavu and More

After our verrry nice resort stay we went back to my parents' place for more adventures and a trip to the big city of Savusavu.

No trip to Taveui is complete without a play at the Waitavala waterslides.  These are areas where the river flows over bedrock and makes for an awesome natural waterslide.  Perhaps not in accordance with Canadian health and safety standards and guaranteed to result in a few bruises but lots of fun.

Johnathan heading down the slide

and Victoria heading downhill too.

The "grown ups" get to go too.

I give up the camera to have some fun too,

The local kids showing us how to do it.

But Abby wows the local boys by doing a backflip off the cliff into the tiny pool.

But Abby wows the local boys by doing a backflip off the cliff into the tiny pool.

Going on a boat trip !  Heading across the Somosomo to meet the bus to go to Savusavu

Getting tour of the bridge on the ferry.  It was recently put into operation and the crew were quite proud of it.

Great crew.  This gentle giant is helping Benjamin disembark.

Savusavu !  So many tasty and affordable places to eat out.

And we finally meet up with the crew of Terrapin.

Another great meal out !

A bit of rain .... Granny sporting the latest in Fijian cardboard rain wear

A bit of rain ....

A bit of rain ....  I suspect again we will not get the parent of the year award for leaving him in the rain.

Apparently the 1430 bus from Savusavu to Buca Bay to catch the ferry actually leaves at 1400 or so.  My Dad hired a pickup truck to race us to the ferry terminal down the occasionally paved road.  An interesting ride.  Johnathan and I get the prime seats in the back of the truck.

Flying over the north coast of Viti Levu.  We anchored (and our windlass died and it took two hours to weigh anchor) and kited here (old blog post)

Namena from the air.  We had a great stay there with Exodus.  Blog post of the snorkelling:

Checking out the anchorages from the Twin Otter

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