Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Shallow in Baie de Gadji

The cruising guide for Baie de Gadji states it is recommended only for catamarans and centerboard monohulls.  We did the math though and talked to others who had gone in ahead of us and figured out we would have enough water if went in on the latter part of the rising tide.  Note that in cases like this it is good to go in while the tide is still rising.  A boat entered after we did but at high tide - if they went aground they would have had to wait for two weeks to see as high of tide as it was that day as we were at springs.

We never saw less than 2.0 feet under the keel on the way in but at the first spot we anchored we realised we would gently go aground at the low tide that night.  Victoria and I did a little survey with the handheld GPS and depthsounder and found a spot where we would have at least 1.5 feet under the keel at the lowest tide forecast over the next few days (also close enough to Tika that the kids could shout back and forth).

A pretty spot worth the extra effort to get into.  Tika as viewed from the mast top of Fluenta (our old school drone - i.e. being winched up the mast).

Victoria swimming under the keel at low tide.  Note one of the many remora that lived under hull while we were there.

Tika and Fluenta kids swimming under the keel

Fluenta on my shoulder.
"Fluenta on my shoulder" selfie.  Note I am sitting on the bottom.

Anchor well set.

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