Sunday, 1 October 2017

Silks and Return to the Fireshow

Before leaving Port Vila we anchored again off Mele Island and took in the Sunday Circus show at the Beach Bar.  The performers are the same ones as who do the fire show so they remembered the kids.  They were a bit surprised that Victoria and Johnathan had done silks before (see the link to see them doing silks in 2013 in Mexico as well as pre-baby photos) so they got some time to play with the silks again.

This has got us thinking that we need a set of silks for the boat to hang off the spinnaker pole ...

I guess Johnathan remembers how to do it ...

Benjamin gets in the act too.

One of the performers show us how it is done.

While Victoria was on the silks Johnathan kept himself busy climbing down the guy wires for the tower.

We didn't let them play with this many firesticks though.

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