Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Johnathan's Photo Blog

[Here is a blog post written by Johnathan with his photos from his photo shoot ashore at Isle Kouare]

 I took these on my sister's birthday while she and Mom were icing her cake. We were out there for at least 2 hours and probably shot 350 photos, using Dad's "big lens (58-300mm)". Out of those photos I have thirty that I like, my favorite being #4 on this post (It's lookin' at you). It was challenging not to focus on the sky and have a little brown blur that is supposed to be a bird.


It's lookin' at you

Although this isn't spectacular I just liked the light on the wings

This is the most well camouflaged bird I've ever seen (It also might be a stick) 


  1. Jonathan, I really like your photographs; Even though we look, it takes a certain focus to really see and I thin you've captured the mood sublimely well


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