Thursday, 16 March 2017

Updates from Ailuk

We have been in Ailuk Atoll for a few weeks now but have not felt like putting together a long blog update. We do not have internet here but I have attached a few photos representative of time here so far: time in the village, kite boarding, school (not pictured), boat projects (not pictured). For the most part we have been the only boat here but recently spent some time with Tranquilo (who is on his way direct to Alaska from here) and Aorai (from French Polynesia with a eight year old boy on a 35 foot wooden catamaran).

The photos may or may not work so it is a bit of an experiment.

If you want to see our location you can check it out on the top of the blog on the Predictwind banner or on the Yachts in Transit site.

Longer text update to follow at some point and many pictures when we return to the land of Internet at some point.


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