Thursday, 5 January 2017

Tuvalu in Pictures

We spent a few weeks in Funafuti, Tuvalu exploring, visiting and waiting for a good window to continue on north.  Liz wrote a bunch of blog posts starting here and below are some photos:

Ashore at Funafuti after church.  Fluenta is the background

Before church

The view from church

Victoria showing the kids how to crochet

off to find find diesel.

I was not looking forward to hauling all the jerry cans back to the dingy so was pretty happy when these guys offered to drive us.

Rain squall !
Johnathan playing rugby with the local boys.  The tarmac in the background is the active runway.

Our track on SAS Planet as we headed to a more isolated part of the atoll.

Oops.  The black line is our track while the green is the intended route.  We found a shallow spot that did not show in the imagery.

Out for a swim.


And more maintenance.  The wind indicator was sticking so I took it down and took it apart to clean out some corrosion. Worthwhile as discovered problems with our anchor light in the process.


But not too hot to make doughnuts.


and more squalls

Time to start preparing for Christmas

and fresh green food !!!  At the Taiwanese garden.

Hanging out with the American Baptist missionary family.

Johnathan demonstrating advanced spinnaker pole swinging for the visiting kids.

Johnathan demonstrating advanced spinnaker pole swinging
Christmas tree, Funafuti style.
The site of the "Trade Show"

Charlie the pastor comes out to say goodbye.

There are a large number of Chinese fishing ships at Funafuti.

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