Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Savusavu Photos - Repairs, Provisioning and Checking Out

November 2016 seems like a long time ago a I type this this in January 2017 but we finally have a bit of reliable if expensive internet to post photos.

After our nice visit in Taveuni with my parents it was time to pop back to Savusavu for repairs, provisioning and checking out of Fiji.   While most cruising boats were making the usual migration to New Zealand for cyclone season we were heading north towards the Marshall Islands instead.

Oh the glamour of cruising.   Doing the annual overhaul of our Groco head (toilet)
New bearings at last for the wind generator.
Ironically, while provisioning at the market Liz and Victoria met this nice lady from Tuvalu who took good care of us.

We were in Savusavu for the anniversary of the indentured servant Indians arrival in Fiji.  This float represents the first ship to bring them.
Siterie, one of the many nice staff at Copra Shed Marina.  It is kind of fun to return to places where you are remembered and well looked after

Customs actually walks with you down to the boat to ensure you actually leave.  Here the nice Customs lady takes our picture before we head off.

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