Monday, 7 November 2016

Denarau to Nananu-I-Ra: Tropical Low, Provisioning, Broken Stuff and Kiting

After Musket Cove, we headed back to Denarau to pick up some parts, do some provisioning and be better prepared for the tropical low that was forecast to likely develop.

The weather models were all disagreeing but as predicted by Gulf Harbour Radio and Met Bob, a low did form over the Yasawas and headed down our way.  Check how fast the winds built - the time scale is 30 minute with the newest wind on the top.

We moved before the wind hit to have a big area to ourselves off Denarau.  In our anchorage a mega yacht dragged anchor as did several smaller yachts.  We were glad we had left Musket Cove before the storm as there is less space there.

Not much to do but wait so Johnathan and I did our "22 pushups for 22 days for Veteran PTSD awareness"

And then to the dock for a few days which is boring according to the kids.  Note Exodus tied up down the dock from us.  If you need a catamaran ready to go she is for sale.

Getting ready to head north

Getting ready to head north

Getting ready to head north
On our way out of Denarau the newly serviced autopilot drive stopped working.  As we let the anchor out, the windlass stopped working ... oh, the glamour of cruising ...

My able assistant as we troubleshoot the windlass

Interesting, the roll pin sheared.

Heave ho ... Shouldn't have anchored in 60' of water ...

but we have kid power ...

Then in the next anchorage I anchored too close to the ferry dock.  The captain of this ship - Spirit of Love - said it was okay for us to stay but we decided to give him more room anyway.

Local boat off Nananu-I-Ra.

Liz ready to go.

Liz ready to go.

And Phil from SV Silhouette came over for a drink.  We first met him in San Diego before the Baja Ha Ha.

and just hanging out ...

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