Sunday, 6 November 2016

Birthday Season on Fluenta

September/October is birthday season in Fluenta with three of the five crew having birthdays.

First up is Liz's birthday.

Surprise party ashore at Musket Cove

Rather windy so lighting the cake was a challenge
Earlier in the day, Victoria made a birthday brunch for Liz's birthday: Eggs Benedict with homemade english muffins and hollandaise sauce.

The cake by Victoria and Ella

Cake Detail

Ella of SY Honey
Victoria's birthday breakfast, by Victoria

and then a party at Cloud 9 with some of her friends

and then a party at Cloud 9 with some of her friends

Benjamin wants to jump too !

Getting ready for a swim.

Birthday party kids.

Fluenta anchored off Cloud 9 with Exodus.

Victoria and Ella made this one for Victoria's birthday.  It was in the planning for months - she taught herself to make the flowers by watching YouTube videos when she was back in Halifax.
Johnathan wanted a bit more adventure so he and Samuel (from SY Honey) swam 1.3 km ashore, climbed to the top of this hill and swam back.  If you look closely you can see them heading off.

The adventurers returning from their trek.

Followed by dingy surfing

Followed by dingy surfing

The log cabin cake Johnathan planned and made himself.

and, of course, Victoria made a cake for his actual birthday a few weeks later.


  1. Happy Birthdays Fluenta we are also celebrating Aeneas's 7th this morning off Ratua Island near Santo. Are you still planning to head to the Marshalls?
    We will start looking at the weather nenxt week, hope to catch up sometime.
    Seathan, Audrie, Tyrii (11) Aeneas (7)

    1. Hi Rehua, Yes, intention is to head towards the Marshalls next week with Tuvalu as the first stop. Where are you going first ?



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