Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Back to the Farm With the Cousins - In Pictures

The flights were long but all went well. We arrived well after midnight in Kelowna so we were grateful my parents booked a hotel so we did not need to drive to the farm until the day after.

A few pictures (okay, I lie - there are a lot of pictures).

Home on the farm

And, of course, not just a pretty place but the cousins were visiting !

What a line up.

Lots of riding in the truck.

and, of course, we needed a zip-line.  Serious business.


and doing it two handed would be too easy.

No zipline for Benjamin but we did build him a swing

Traditional annual('ish) family photo

Never too early to start

and not letting a bit of rain interfere with a campfire

and time for a range session

The shooters

and, of course, the boys need to checkout the muskrat's place

meanwhile, Benjamin helps with the raspberries the kids picked.

and picking saskatoons.

and Benjamin eating saskatoons.

Abby being very patient with Benjamin on the cabin porch.

Hide and Seek at Quaaout Lodge

Nice to have a bench and table your own size.

Seat with a view

I love being on the farm "this much"

Which way back to the house ?

oooh ... tractors to drive

crazy tractor driving

Making a scabbard for "the" knife he made in NZ

Finished scabbard with Grandpa/Leather Instructor

Victoria's turn.  Making a purse.

The finished product

Johnathan also made an axe handle.

And Liz had time for yoga.
The end (or this blog post anyway - one more farm blog post to go).

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