Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Going downtown ! Fluenta goes to Auckland. Visitors, Easter Bunnies, Fish, Goodbyes and Maintenance.

After Great Barrier we went to Auckland to do some kiteboarding lessons and host Liz's parents onboard.

Liz's parents visit

And my cousin Caroline and her husband Jamie came for dinner

The Easter Bunny even found us in Auckland !

Meeting Grammy and Grandpa at the airport.

And Grampy is put straight to work on boat projects here with his able assistant
Off to Waehiki Island for a brief stay at anchor.  I went for a quick spearfish and shot a kawai which did fine for dinner.

Wendall and I replace the liners in the genoa furler but found out that the holes were oversized and the proprietary Profurl setscrews would not fit.  We of course then used the drill like a little lathe and made two of these little setscrews to put everything back together again.

Talking about big projects ...  After many hours of combing Liz managed to remove Johnathan's dreadlocks and he had his first haircut in five years.  

The hair heading to a charity.  Johnathan's on the top.  About 17" stretched out.

Benjamin remains a big help on boat projects. 

The lazerette is a bit tight for just me but it is rather tight with my assistant there too,

We had a bit of a road trip back up to Whangerei to see off our friends on Nirvana who are done cruising.  Victoria, of course, made two cakes.

Victoria, Gigi and Axel at Nirvana's going away party.

This was a neat idea: a slideshow of highights from Nirvana's cruise from a projector on Nirvana to the mizzen sail on Rewa.

It appears mandatory for every New Zealander to own at least one boat.  The massive Westhaven Marina behind us.

We are at the much more reasonable and very friendly Pier 21 Marina instead.

Shiny new Harken spinnaker halyard blocks.  One of the old spin blocks cracked so I have replaced them both.

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  1. Great pictures of family and boat life...love the new haircut, Johnathan!


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