Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Big NZ Road Trip Photos - Pt 8 - Royal Albatross and Honey

The Otago Peninsula

A guided tour at the Royal Albatross Centre

A royal albatross comes in for landing

We were lucky to get to see a handover between the parents looking after their chick.  Our guide had never actually gotten to see this herself.

Victoria helping the guide with the albatross tracking

Benjamin checking out the life sized baby albatross model

On the nest.

The kids loading the Armstrong Disappearing Gun.

and then some luxury accommodation with our friends in SY Honey

and time for lego !!

Victoria and Ella were busy making hats for newborn babies

and they presented them to the hospital in Christchurch

Benjamin is always well looked after when Ella is around.

and, if you are looking for a great boat for family cruising ...Honey is for sale 

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