Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Big NZ Road Trip Photos - Pt 7 - Sasquatch photos of Penguins, Hector Dolphins, Petrified Forest and South to Slope Point

The view from Bluff
The view from Bluff.

It gets a bit windy down here.  Slope Point - the southern tip of South Island

Slope Point: the southern tip of South Island.  Our Equator crossing seems a long time ago

Matching tents !

An oyster dredger at the the Bluff Maritime Museum

Again, not my photo but rather from Wikipedia.  After several years of cruising I finally got to swim with dolphins.  I spent over an hour in the rather chilly South Island waters with a large pod of Hector dolphins.

The petrified forest at Curio Bay.  Amazing.  One of the least disturbed is the world

The petrified forest at Curio Bay.  Amazing.

The kids and I waited for several hours in the rain to watch for one of the rarest types of penguin: yellow-eyed penguin return to the chicks.  Just before dark one of them returned.

Rather a Sasquatch photo but yes it is the rare, yellow-eyed penguin.

This is what they really look like.  Alas not my photo but from Wikipedia.

Exploring the Catlins

Exploring the Catlins

Reflections in the Catlins.

The beach on the way to the Cathedral Caves

Cathedral Caves

Cathedral Caves

Finding internet to do some school

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  1. Love the Catlins! We had a great weekend down there. Spectacular scenery. :)


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