Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Foraging in the Bay of Islands - Scallops, Squid, Fish, Mulberries and Garlic.

We were surprised last year as we transited the Bay of Islands in how little area they contain.  Quality over quantity though in area and the foraging is both quantity and quality !

On our previous trip to the Bay of Islands (I will refrain from using the acronym BOI  - as that still makes me think "Board of Inquiry" - best avoided either being on one or being the subject of one.) we caught a very tasty kingfish.  This time we dove for scallops, caught squid, speared fish (Johnathan shot his first fish) and picked mulberries and wild garlic !   Sarah on Field Trip has written an excellent blog post on the squid and scallops here.

Very tasty but time consuming to process especially when you get your limit each time you go out diving.  We did the first bunch using SCUBA but the second time just free diving.

Squid ! (SV Field Trip photo)

Supper !

Matt from SV Perry proving a lesson on squid processing

Fresh mulberries picked by the children

The mulberry jam factory.  They were busy kids.

Spearfishing.  Johnathon shot his first fish.

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