Sunday, 8 November 2015

Taveuni - The Garden Isle.

My parents live in Taveuni for part of the year so this season we cooked up the plan to meet them in Fiji.  They flew into Labasa and bused to Savusavu.  We had a few wet days in Savusavu as TD02 went far to the west of Fiji.

Once the weather cleared we sailing from Savusavu - motored actually in total calm - to Paradise Resort (already covered in this blog post).  After a very nice night at Paradise Resort we went up the Somosomo Strait to anchor relatively close to my parent's house.

We had a few lovely days at their place, now dubbed "The Plantation".  The kids stayed with my folks and Liz and I (and Benjamin) spent most of the day there and then back to the boat at night.

Hurray ! Granny and Grandpa are here.

Selecting an anchorage near the house.

Everybody eats well in Taveuni.  Even the geckos.

Boats and sharks and stuff. That is normal but trucks are soooo cool.

Arrived at the Plantation and Grandpa pops the bubbly.

A great view over the Somosomo Strait (and their cyclone shelter)

The new house in the foreground and the old tin house they lived in for the first few years in the background to the left.

Grandpa's Pineapples - the best pineapple I ever had.

Benjamin checking out some of Grandpa's bananas.

More sunsets in paradise

Hmm ... seems like  a good idea.

Sliding down the natural waterslide.

Three generations of bookworms

Victoria grating coconut.  The old house behind her.

More diapers in exotic locations ...

Uniform cleaning day,

We had a great evening with my parent's Indo-Fijian neighbours up the hill.  The ladies.

Kava time with the neighbours. A great evening.

We had already said our goodbyes to Exodus in Savusavu but who should happen to sail up the Somosomo Strait for supplies but Exodus.  My parents drove them into town and here the kids help them load up.

Torch Ginger Flower

The driveway ...

Family portrait before we depart.  Not sure what mode Benjamin put the camera on though ...

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