Friday, 13 November 2015

Fiji to NZ - Day 2 - 12 Nov - A lovely day offshore


The sun has already risen on Day 3 (hooray for Debbie being our third adult - I was off-watch most of the night!) so I will give you a quick note about Day 2 :)

Seas - lovely and calm, with a bit of ocean swell
Wind - lovely and calm (6-15 kts)
Boatspeed/Course - 5-8 kts, within 20 deg of our desired route (which right now is a course of 202 deg M)
Food - fresh tuna from Day 1, marinated and seared on a hot pan, with green beans from the market and cooked-ahead noodles
Cheer - everyone is in good humour
Current - mostly against us, sometimes as much as knot. Oh well

All in all, we are feeling good, the boat is handling well, and the kids have emerged from their day-1 haze to be active and chatty participants in the passage. Benjamin, as ever, keeps us all busy, and doesn't always sleep when we want him to. A big change from last year, is that my sleeping has been de-coupled from his: I can go off-watch while he is awake, and he will play in the cockpit with the kids, Max & Debbie. This is lovely!

Love and thanks for your best wishes to all,

At 11/12/2015 7:04 PM (utc) SV Fluenta was 21°55.94'S 174°08.64'E

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