Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Fishing Frenzy and Tricycles in the Cockpit - Passage from Taveuni to Nadi

Alas, the clock was ticking and cyclone season was/is looming so we left my parents in Taveuni and sailed for Nadi.  It was one of our nicest passages to date: catching the ebb through Somosomo Strait, a nice fast close reach across the Koro Sea and and broad reach past Suva and through the Mbenga passage.  We shot through Navula Passage in the dark with Victoria guiding us through the range and anchored off Denerau just before midnight.

And ... we caught a few fish ... The first day we caught a big wahoo (our first for the season) and then a 43 lb yellow fin tuna (my favourite).  The next day we caught two decent size mahi mahi (one was 35 lb and the other slightly smaller).  We have been eating fish everyday and the freezer is full.

Nice conditions

Calm enough on the downwind leg for tricycle riding.  Benjamin saw the tricycle lashed to the pushpit and insisted it be brought to the cockpit.

Not a lot of room to ride though.

Wahoo !

And tuna !

Pretty high tech kit - we only use hand lines.  I pull in the line hand over hand and one of the kids takes up the slack on the yoyo reel.

Mahi mahi

Mahi mahi

Of course, all this fish means a lot work to process to prepare and store it safely.  The freezer is full.  Each fish is about eight full meals for the family with generous portions that turn into leftovers.

Heading into Denerau the next day to hang out with the megayachts.

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