Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Fuelling in Exotic Locations

Of course, cruising is more than margaritas on the beach at sunset (Mexico seems like a long time ago ...)  We are actually tied to a dock for the first time since leaving New Zealand in May to sort out some logistics before the passage back to New Zealand.

Normally we do not use a lot of fuel but our amble through the Yasawas to Savasavu was against the trade winds and our buddy boat had a schedule so we used rather a bit more fuel than usual ...  Being at the dock made the usual routine of ferrying our three jerry cans by dingy and then by foot to the petrol station and back (repeat as necessary) easier than normal.

Here we are loading the fuel.  Victoria helped by tying on a line so I could easily lift the 25L containers (from the fuel company) to the deck and Johnathan did yeoman service as we hand pumped 300L through our Racor funnel filter.


  1. Are you guys in Fiji now? I cant believe we just missed you... we were in Fiji in August and September, but now having a break from sailing in New Zealand. Have a great time, wherever you are, and if you will stick around for a while, see you next season...

    1. Hi, we heard you guys were here. We are in Savusavu now but prepping to head back to NZ. Where are you guys in NZ ? Max


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