Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Nadi Area in Photos

As Liz already detailed, we spent some time anchored off Denarau to facilitate going into Nadi to sort out logistics.  Reprovisioning is never as easy as it is at home but it certainly can be more interesting.

Kava Time - Loading up for more sevusevu

Lots of kava.

Motoring from the anchorage outside of Denarau to Vuda (the pump in the garbage bag is my super cool hand pump for the diesel jerry cans that Liz bought me in Papeete)

Victoria showing Laura (SV Rhapsody) her progress crocheting with plastic bags as taught by Laura of SV Pacific Highway

With Rhapsody at Vuda Point

and, of course, more diapers to dry.

Calm in Sawehi Bay


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