Sunday, 27 September 2015

More Fishing - Trolling and Filleting

We are always dragging lines behind us when we are on passage.  Last year we arrived in New Zealand with the freezer full.  This year we had a slower start but things are looking up recently.

Time to upgrade !  The rapala get prepared !

and on the next passage ... a yellow fin tuna ... my favourite.

Biology time: we found shrimp in his stomach.

Hmm ... appears that a shark wanted some of this walu.  It was interesting as the conditions were rough and I was just returning the line into the water when we caught the walu and then briefly the shark.

So cool that the kids - the bigger two anyway - can fillet fish now.  Benjamin supervises the processing in Bua Bay.

One  nicely processed walu.

Biology part 2 - "Eye" see you.

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